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Me, Myself, and I

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In our time, we are surrounded by danger. One of the greatest dangers is the love of self. The naturalistic worldview that atheists, and others, espouse demands selfishness. It demands that they look out for their own interests above others. It demands that their own well-being is more important than others. Of course, many will deny this, but their worldview demands it. If they do not accept this then they are inconsistent. While many would dismiss that the naturalistic worldview creates people who are in love with themselves we still see the evidence of this worldview in our culture. Here are some quotes from some well-known people.

Selfishness is a survival skill.  Infants are the most selfish creatures on the planet.  If they weren’t, the species would die out. 

As children mature, they become more considerate of others. But in some ways, children have it right and we adults have it…

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